Data Visualisation Volunteer

Type:OngoingWeekly commitment:5 hours
Open68 days left
Weekly commitment:5 hours
Open68 days left is revolutionizing the way we understand and reduce school violence. We research police and social responses to school violence in order to create new types of databases. In order to do this, we are completing case study analyses of every school shooting since 1990. Our new database will provide data visualization insights from pattern analysis, treating each shooting as an ecosystem of interrelated elements. This is a radically different approach to school violence data because 99% of existing data on school violence are trend reports and provide no ability to analyse school violence patterns. We are seeking research assistants for this project. Our teams of researchers need support in cleaning up our data sources and using them to create effective visualisations. Ideally, you will have experience of data visualisations (scatter, line, bar and box plots, maps, and histograms) as well as knowledge of analytics (clustering, classification, timeseries, linear and polynomial regression). We also assume that you have background in using Alteryx and Tableau together in order to produce effective data visualisations.