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7 hours per week
Head of Memberships and Sponsorships The individual who takes up the Head of Memberships and Sponsorships position at the Salon de la Sagesse is responsible for the management of Memberships and the acquisition and management of Sponsorships and Partnerships. More specifically, they will be responsible for: Acquiring new Salon Members. Finding new potential Members and managing the Interview process (working closely with the President, Executive Board and the Head of Community). Managing the Salon’s Ambassadors. Organize and lead meetings, guides, etc. Acquiring Partners for the Salon. Encouraging collaborations and partnerships and actively working towards them. Managing the Salon Memberships (financially, content-wise, partnership-wise with the Journal and ACMC, etc.) What This Means for You: Visibility across all our online platforms. Gaining experience in Partnerships, Management, Communication. Being part of a Community of young pioneers. Working alongside young leaders, pioneers and building a brand from the ground up.  Good to Have: Perfect knowledge of the English language.  Excellent written and verbal skills.  Experience in Partnerships and Communication.  Experience in Public Relations. A high creative and ambitious drive.  Independence and good organisational skills.  Reliability and Efficiency. Reporting To: President and Executive Board. More specifically: Weekly report about internal and external communications / marketing.  Monthly meeting with President and / or Executive Board. Bi-monthly meeting with the Salon de la Sagesse Committee.  Expectations: Be available for 6-7 hours a week for the Head of Memberships and Sponsorships duties. Attend all meetings set by Executive Board and Committee. Potentially attend / take part in additional activities set by the Journal d’Ambroisie, the ACMC, etc. (these include Committee Socials, new project brainstorming Sessions, etc.) Maximum 5 hours additionally / month.  Boost the reach of the Salon de la Sagesse internally and externally, to achieve a global impact. The Head of Memberships and Sponsorships will have the strong support of and will be working closely with the President, Executive Assistant, Head of Communications and Head of Community. Additional goals, milestones and timelines will be agreed upon at the start of the Volunteering period. The Head of Memberships and Sponsorships should refer to the Committee Agreement and the By-Laws for additional information. For any other necessary communication, they should contact the President and Executive Board, with whom they must - if necessary - verbally agree, or put in writing extra agreements.  (Disclaimer: this position is principally remote, but may include occasional travel with the Committee. This position is voluntary.) 
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