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5 hours per week
Are you inspired by the power of media to ignite the human spirit? Do you believe that media can be used to educate and inspire human beings rather than indulge them? Does the idea of learning about major world issues and the solutions to crucial problems appeal to you? This is a volunteer opportunity to be part of a pioneering project in association with Lighthouse Kidz. We’re currently looking for video makers, video editors, sound editors, animators and researchers to join a growing worldwide volunteer team. You will have the opportunity to create videos and audios specifically about areas you’re passionate about and develop your media skills through mentorship. The project focuses on educating people on the most crucial and vital issues we face today (from suicide, to child neglect, to climate change, child starvation and much more). We have spent nearly 18 years researching these issues and now, as we expand globally, we need to driver these insights through powerful, inspiring video and audio content. Lighthouse Kidz is supported under the umbrella of Lighthouse International. Our mission is to help conscientious people overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living an optimal life. We do this so that we can always say “yes” to a child in need where we need to - both inside our own homes and outside our front doors. This opportunity is for people who want to use their skills to create more meaning and purpose in their lives, by serving others and developing themselves. We actively work on developing our team’s leadership, so we will always encourage and support you to develop and transform personally, not just professionally. This is a great opportunity for career-focused university students, conscientious graduates, experienced industry professionals and aspiring philanthropists. This role would suit you if: You would like to unlock your own potential and help others do the same. You believe that you have a responsibility to create a meaningful life and alleviate as much suffering as you can in the world around you. You value the idea of mentorship and learning from others who can pass on their life lessons to you. You want to improve your skills and talents as an aspiring media professional. You are able to work remotely and are disciplined and organized. The Opportunity To Make a Difference Your involvement will have a direct and indirect impact in making a difference. One such initiative is to prevent as much suicide as possible taking place in the world. Another is our Clean Water Campaign to ensure children receive clean, safe drinking water. Every video, podcast and animation we create is designed specifically to educate and inspire the most conscientious and caring human beings to help them realise their potential. You will be part of a team that is producing multimedia content regularly to inspire our growing community. We will also be hosting talks and seminars with thought leaders in key areas of leadership, which will be filmed online and offline for people to watch and listen to. Location & Time Commitment We want people with a great heart and attitude no matter how much or how little they can contribute. We also understand that people’s availability changes over time. So we will create the role to fit around your existing commitments. We’ve designed the role to work remotely to fit in best around your current commitments. Next Steps An initial telephone call & online application to get to know you and discover what you would most like to do. We'll share more of the background to the project and how it's making a difference to children in need. We’ll agree on your exact role and time commitments that are best suited to your interests and availability for a 1-week trial. We’ll start you on a trial project to get familiar with working as part of the team. As you progress there’ll be opportunities for us to support you not only in your media skills but also in any career you’re pursuing. You can continue to develop personally and professionally during your time with us through personal mentoring. Please have a look at our website at to get a feel for the principles we stand for and our values.