Logo Needed for a Educational Voluntary OrganisationšŸ˜€

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Type:Fixed ScopeDue Date:Dec 23, 2020
Open114 days left
Type:Fixed Scope
Due Date:Dec 23, 2020
Open114 days left
We need a logo for a voluntary organisation named as "EDNOUB" Background of EDNOUB: This is the #EDNOUB created by RI Biplob Prodhan. This is one of the best English Language and Literature learning Group in Bangladesh. A special helpline for English Department's students of National University (NU) and others public universities of Bangladesh. It is also very much helpful for English language learners. N.B. : The group is dedicated to NU English Department's poor students. We provide Educational Notes, Suggestions and Educational Materials for free! Our Motto/Slogan: We Stand for Education. EDNOUB means- English Department @ National & Other Universities of Bangladesh