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Where: Wakiso District, Kira Municipality, Kampala Contact Email: Contact Phone: 256703955925 Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited Hapa Resources is committed to selecting candidates that are passionate and responsible, with a strong desire to join and contribute their time, experience and enthusiasm towards local development efforts in the areas of education and health. Our ideal volunteers are individuals who engage and support their host institutions to accomplish a variety of tasks and practically contribute to local efforts and strictly do not serve to substitute local staff. Our placement sites include hospitals, medical centers, youth agencies, and 20 primary schools located in Central Uganda. Placements are open to volunteers on active projects we have with our partners in the areas of education, health and youth work or routine tasks that are undertaken in day-today organization operations. The opportunities are adequate for; undergraduate, gap-year and graduate students, hobbyist volunteers and interns in the areas of; education, health and community-based projects. Our core volunteer assignments Medical volunteering (medical and non-medical) Teaching (primary and high school) Educators/Trainers (capacity building workshops) Experteering (administration and management) Teaching Volunteers Volunteers can work in primary as well as secondary schools, depending on the eligibility and comfort level. Volunteers work with teachers to; share ideas, knowledge and skills development, enrich lesson plans and teaching methods, which enables them to grow as education providers and create long-term change. In most of the cases, volunteers help in improving the vocabulary as well as spoken English skills of the students. They can also be involved in teaching other subjects such as computers/IT skills, Maths and physical sciences to the students depending on the need of our partner schools. We encourage open mindedness, flexibility in any assignments under this program and while volunteering in the teaching placement, volunteers can also assist in extra- curricular activities such as physical education sports and games. Our placements are available throughout the year, with flexible start dates and duration. Medical Volunteers Medical and Healthcare Volunteering is a great opportunity for medical students, retired professionals, and pre-med students. This provides some really useful international hands-on experience in the field of medicine and an introduction to the healthcare system in a developing community. With options of working in city hospitals to rural and sub-urban medical centers, volunteers work under the supervision of professional doctors, nurses and support staff, and assist them in daily hospital operations. All volunteers need to provide a copy of their certifications and educational (medical) qualifications. Healthcare volunteering programs are available throughout the year, with flexible start dates and program duration. Volunteers can choose to work for a minimum of three months. Community Development Hapa Resources seeks to empower individual and group volunteers by connecting them to communities where they provide their experience, skills they need to affect change. We work with partner local NGO’s and communities on social change initiatives. We provide opportunities where volunteers work with local village communities and help in community development projects. It may be setting up a community water spot, school renovation, library development, construction, providing administrative support, etc. Typical activities Organize and deliver capacity building initiatives (first responder training for schools, Advanced EMS training for medical practitioners, etc.) Organize and deliver capacity building initiatives (first responder training for schools, Advanced EMS training for medical practitioners, etc.) Administrative support roles (management/operations, proposal/grant writing, fundraising, project implementation, etc.) Infrastructure development (building projects) Conduct training i.e., giving computer lessons (basic to advance) Participate in youth empowerment initiatives (entrepreneurship, workshops, skilling, etc.) Capacity building workshops (ICT for teachers) on site and in partner schools Partner capacity building (program development, etc.) Teaching (English, subjects, Sports and Physical Education) Participate in community outreach activities as part of a health/medical team.