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Volunteer Project
8 hours per week
Our volunteer program this year is about environmental clean up which includes - plastic waste collection -making Eco bricks -making charcoal briquettes and greenhouse construction. The minimum duration to volunteer is 2 weeks and there is no maximum duration and we would suggest staying as long as possible to achieve the biggest social impact possible.You will be working 8 hours a day but two breaks will be available for coffee and lunch. We don't work on Saturdays and Sundays although sometimes we can spend time, most probably 3 hours on Saturday if there is a need to do so. During weekends we can arrange for you to visit cultural or waterfall sites. Our current project involves the collection of plastic containers for making creative products and other structures which are cost effective to the local communities in towns and villages. Other activities will include producing Eco bricks and charcoal briquettes. We have a team of 4 local volunteers and the organization staff as well and we expect to be joined by a few international volunteers. In April this year the program will be in full operation so you can make your adjustment as you wish and make application as soon as possible to join us.  The program fee is $120 per person per week which includes food and accommodation. For insurance you should check agents for Travel insurance operating in your country. You can check on the internet. We also suggest taking yellow fever vaccination before starting the journey as sometimes you may be asked at the airport after landing. You will need to apply for a short term tourist visa through your local Tanzanian embassy. Although this needs to be processed by yourself we will be on hand should you have any questions or require supporting documentation to provide for this. After your arrival we will then arrange a collection for you where our team will meet you at the airport and begin the drive to the volunteer accommodation.