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We are looking for a dedicated, passionate and innovative person to join Equal Aqua as a Project Officer. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the formation and running of our new school exchange project. This will build and maintain exchange programmes between schools in Uganda and the UK – raising awareness about WASH, and providing a platform for young people to build solidarity around international issues, such as period poverty, plastic pollution and climate change. Key responsibilities include: -Work with the Project Manager to check and remember to complete important milestones and data entries into Project Dashboards (Google Sheets). - Monitor and report project status for project milestones, documentation, and deliverables into Project Dashboards (Google Sheets). - Support team meetings including taking minutes and tracking action items. - Manage project-related paperwork by ensuring all necessary materials are current, properly filed and stored on the knowledge management system (Google Drive). - Identify bottlenecks in workflows and make suitable recommendations to rectify. - Coordinate interdepartmental communication to ensure deliverables are met on time. - Lead project proposal and project reporting writing. MISSION: Our mission is to ensure communities in Uganda have access to safe and sustainable WASH facilities and services. Equal Aqua supports schools and communities facing the greatest WASH inequalities, often based on wealth, gender and ethnicity. We work with local partners to produce rainwater harvesting tanks that are sustainably made using “ecobricks”, which are upcycled plastic bottles. We aim to provide accessible and equitable water sources to rural communities whilst also addressing local environmental issues, including plastic pollution. To further promote WASH advocacy throughout the community we also run a variety of classes and workshops. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurial and practical skills to rural communities in order to enhance local wellbeing and socio-economic opportunities. With this, we strive to empower young people to become WASH changemakers in their communities. VALUES: At Equal Aqua we champion youth-led innovation and grassroots change. To make this possible, we have created a pro-active and friendly environment, which strives to create practical and lasting solutions to WASH-related issues. Each member of Equal Aqua is passionate about WASH inequalities, and our values are a central basis for inspiration and the culture of the organisation. Working together – Each member of Equal Aqua has specific expertise and experiences which enhance the work we do. Our vision, policies and programmes are established by the team in Uganda, making them specific to the local need. The UK team provides the support functions to help deliver this vision. Innovation – We are an evolving organisation which is open to change and continuous improvement. We have near zero fixed costs in Uganda and no money raised is spent in the UK, meaning all funds contribute directly to our projects in Uganda. Commitment to the cause – We are committed to alleviating WASH disparities throughout Uganda and enhancing the lives of others. We earn the trust of communities and develop relationships by providing a perceptive and effective service. Everyone is Equal (Aqua) – We cherish every person involved in Equal Aqua – whether volunteers, international partners or community members. We actively listen and learn from those around us and value each contribution. Team members are empowered to design and run their own projects, supported by the wider team. Improving lives – We aim to provide equal water access for all and enhance the livelihoods of the most marginalised in society, with focus on women and girls. We also act as stewards of the Earth and strive to be environmentally friendly in all of our operations.