Research Volunteer

Type:OngoingWeekly commitment:3 hours
Open68 days left
Weekly commitment:3 hours
Open68 days left is a non-profit research institute focused on developing a better understanding of school violence and converting our research into actionable insights and programs. We are a different type of institute because we are developing big data apps to reveal unknown patterns and trends underlining school violence. We need researchers committed to investigating educational, psychological, social, economic and cultural factors having a significant role in school violence. We are developing databases that provide data visualization insights from pattern analysis, treating each shooting as an ecosystem of interrelated components. This is a different approach to school violence because 99% of existing data on school violence are trend reports having little ability to analysed in terms of what causes school violence patterns. If you are interested in getting involved, all we ask is that you have access to a laptop or desktop computer, and that you can spend 3-5 hours weekly working on this project. Please do not contact us unless you clearly have that time available. If you have any possibility of having to step back from the project, then please do not apply. We can help train you if you do not have experience with research.