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Volunteer Project
4 hours per week
A Non-Profit Organization that is engaged with The Matching Initiative is looking for a volunteer for the following position... Project Context: We recognized that we need help identifying and completing grant applications, due to lack of experience. The mentor volunteer chosen for us should be someone who is committed to understanding the needs of our organization and the clients we serve. Someone who can help us identify and achieve our goals, and spot gaps in our thinking. An out of the box thinker willing to share their experience and guidance. Ideally, they would have background knowledge of finance/accounting/corporations/non-profits with strong research skills and a grasp of the best granting organizations for our needs. The grant writer they assign to us would ideally be someone who is passionate about fighting for justice. Both should be highly discreet and trustworthy. Core Objective: To find sources for funding to cover operating costs and to launch our ambitious therapy support project. We want to be able to scale up and help more people. We are prepared to do the work to grow our business and build relationships with people in the community, including the people at The Matching Initiative. We want to learn from them and benefit from their insight and knowledge. Key Deliverables: We expect to produce a short term financial plan, create a budget, and complete grant applications Volunteer Location: Within Canada