Video Editor

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Type:OngoingWeekly commitment:5 hours
Openless than 24hrs left
Weekly commitment:5 hours
Openless than 24hrs left
Project Manaia is a small marine research NGO that (at this stage) is running entirely powered by people donating their time we can’t pay a salary but can offer a spot onboard for people who invest their time during the offseason. Responsibilities: - If onboard: Filming daily life and work onboard. - If onshore: Check on uploaded video material and choose best usable clips and develop the storyline (in collaboration with Captain and Social Media Officer) - The actual Video editing (Check our YouTube channel to get an idea of the level we are currently working on) - One video of around 10 minutes per week to be uploaded on YouTube and used on the website. - In collaboration with Social Media also create blog posts around the videos. We will head back out to sea again in April 2021 and will happily welcome everyone else as well – more information on schedule, etc yet to come. For more information please get in touch via mail to

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