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Website developer for a high-tech, low cost ventilator nonprofit

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Type:OngoingWeekly commitment:7 hours
Open34 days left
Weekly commitment:7 hours
Open34 days left
We are a non-profit charitable trust aiming to produce a low-cost Ventilator and distribute it for a "What you see fit" price around the world to those who need it the most. Our Ventilator is different from other emergency Ventilators in that it will be controllable over the Internet, with the medical professional observing the Patient over a phone camera, thus reducing viral load on the medical professionals at the front line, enabling those in stable countries to help and allowing one doctor to have an overview over many patients. Using the latest technology, we seek to harvest the connectivity of our Ventilator to gather vast amounts of data to identify effective treatment patterns and automize as much of the treatment as possible, releasing pressure from overwhelmed facilities. We seek volunteers that are prepared to provide the necessary expertise for this life-saving work for the duration of the emergency. For clarity, this means work without pay. However, there will be formal acknowledgements and expressions of gratitude in a variety of formats. Our MK2 Ventilator is approaching its final stage and we are beginning to look for funding. Our goal is to build 1000 Ventilators within the next 2 months and go into mass production after that. We have designed most of the pages for a brand new website that will help to promote the ventilator, allow for people/hospitals to apply for a ventilator, accept donations and promote our volunteer positions. But now we urgently need help to realize the design. We are seeking somebody with front-end and back-end capabilities who could be spending more time in the next couple of weeks but we will need help later on as well. Minimal requirements: 1 year full-time experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript Clear and clean coding style Standard version control and workflow habits teamwork capabilities Additional optimal requirements: Basics in UI and UX Design 3+ years of full-time experience and several Websites deployed. 30+ h per week availability