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VolunCharity MVP App Development
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United States
Web, Mobile & IT Volunteer Project
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VolunCharity in a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the vision and the management team in place to create a game-changing, gamified app, which is intended to connect volunteers and donors with the non-profits who need their help in fun, motivational ways - thereby increasing the impact for non-profits, by increasing their volunteer activity and donations, while making their volunteer management easier and more efficient. What we don't have are the in-house coding skills to build our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). That's where you come in. If you have any skills related to product design and development, prototyping, coding for web and mobile apps, experience with game development, gamification, project management, testing, etc. - please get in touch and let us know how you feel you can help. Please contact us at info@voluncharity.org for additional details, and to discuss this opportunity. Thanks!
Golang Engineer
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United States
Web, Mobile & IT Volunteer Project
Timing: This is an urgent hire and instant start, so we will get back to people very quickly. Assessment will be via giving you a task to do in the existing code, interviews, etc. Project: Real time systems provide chat, video conferencing, and general CRUD functionality such that all clients are always up to date and can edit data whilst offline. This is a chance to work with cutting edge technology in an all golang environment on a new cutting edge system. You will be working on our new GRPC / Envoy based golang system. Stack: Clients GRPC clients using custom code generation based on: WASM ( tinygo ) compiler for Web GoMobile compiler for Mobile Standard golang compiler for Desktop This allows the GUI "pane of glass" to be built on top of this golang embedded layer using: React Flutter GIO ( pure golang). Servers Control Plane: Envoy GRPC XDS Consul Stateless Microservices are written in golang using: GRPC Middleware for Telemetry. Security using Oauth, OIDC, JWT Stateful Data Services are written in golang using TIDB Minio NATS / Jetstream / Liftbridge Prerequisites: We are based in Berlin, Germany with developers in remote locations. To work with us you need to be in a similar time zone and be fluent in English. Applicants must show their experience in some of these areas. Good attitude to problem solving together. A preference to do what needs to be done, rather than sitting back and waiting to be told, but get agreement for new ideas rather than going it alone. Responsibilities: Developer the code with the team. Development and DevOps are all in the same team, so you need to support what you write. Issue management, CI , CD and Testing. Compensation: This role is initially freelance based, with the opportunity to advance to a permanent position. Applications to include: CV Response to EVERY technology listed in the stack above. Add more if you see holes, such as Telemetry, Security, etc. A little bit about yourself personally.. Expected hourly rate. Please your application to contact@getcouragenow.org
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