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Zlatka Suboticanec

2D/ 3D Artist & UI designer

Zagreb, Croatia
Studied at Music School Vatroslav Lisinski Bjelovar
Joined January 10, 2022



Native or Bilingual
I'm a driven artist that loves to work in different art styles for mobile, PC and console games. I work in the Game Industry for 6+ years and have behind me multiple published projects. I have high interests in music, graphic design, especially game development since it's a childhood dream of mine. Designed Mark Webber's helmet for the Singapore F1 GP in 2012 Artstation: Behance:
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Cybertale Studio
Nov 2020 – Nov 2021
Art Director/ COO
PROJECTS: Splash Kings, Unwritten, Botanika Worked on branding - logo, web, shirts, designs, concepts and models for 3D prints for an in-house game toys and figurines Brought clients who liked our art & design services for games Splash Kings worked on key art, environment and character art assets, UI & video concepts Was a part-Project Manager leading client projects and employees working on them Managed company documents and bills Led an educational programme for all new artists to learn and integrate by working on client jobs and progressing onto bigger opportunities - bigger clients or in-house projects, which was paid and ran 1-2 times a week. MILKSHAKE GAMES (Client) Unwritten - 2D Visual Novel Worked on client communcation, character design, art asset production, UI design Developed an art system that would aid artists to work efficiently while also saving time in production, preserving same quality across all art assets
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Async Labs
Aug 2020 – Dec 2020
PROJECTS: MyDubrovnik Called up to work on a mobile game project to correct and add 80% of the missing art, a project that was on a tight budget and was nearing due date once I arrived. MyDubrovnik (mobile game) UI/ UX design, concept art, export/ import said-work to Unity, complete art implementation and 3D optimization of the entire city of Dubrovnik for mobile.
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Exordium Games
Jan 2014 – Jan 2020
PROJECTS: Pottery, Zero Reflex, Bear With Me, Agenda, Last Encounter, Bus Simulator 2021, Legends of Learning Worked on branding - logo, web, shirts and booth designs Zero Reflex - worked closely with developers on level design (graphics and logistics) Bear With Me - worked on key art, environment and character art assets. UI & video concepts for game endings Last Encounter - designed the complete art style, UI and animations of the game. Worked on connecting logic with art in Unity Worked on a work-for-hire project for Bus Simulator 2021, mainly working on modular 3D assets in Blender & UE4 Local CARNET service - English Language programme (web game) - worked on art style, art optimization and overall UX, video editing and more At the end of my career in the studio I designed Pottery (mobile, published with Voodoo), that made the studio known for it's Hypercasual games. 5,000,000+ installs.
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Music School Vatroslav Lisinski Bjelovar
Aug 2009 – Aug 2013
High School