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We focused on the growing problem of the lack of the living area for people who moved to a big city. At the same time, our proposal can be employed by the digital nomads, who desire to be independent of any location. So, we decided to speculate on what is the next step in the evolution of individual housing. We designed 4 modes for a basic but transformative 28sqm apartment with the different levels of Virtual components involved that make the tiny living space unrestricted. With VR and AR the boundaries of space fade. Moreover, the technology opens the way into a more democratized society as everyone will have the excess to luxury and beauty. We think that Information should acquire its physical form to be better perceived by a human. Imagine surfing the Internet will be alike walking in the library. In AR space you can estimate the actual thickness of the book and judge its age by the way it looks as if it was your physical collection, but with zero storage requirements. We aim to help a person to be more efficient at work and to enhance the concentration of our design. We developed the concept of the “Mind palace” - an ancient mnemotechnic that helps to memorize a vast amount of information. That is the moment when new technology not just makes our life easier but makes us smarter. We wanted to emphasize though that a person should not forget the physical reality and nature, as it remains the vital source of energy and inspiration. That is why we pay much attention to the water, light, and textures in our design. The only thing that technologies cannot imitate completely is the Nature and the intimate relationship with friends.
Published:November 27, 2022
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