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Dreidre Germaine

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DREIDRE GERMAINE - Logo Design The Company's name: DREIDRE GERMAINE //-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-// Company Description: Dreidre Germaine is an economical way of life brand, whose goal is to advance an eating regimen dependent on vegetables, rich, genuine, and excellent food varieties. The organization exists to take care of and urge individuals' aspiration to make the planet a superior spot, likewise expanding their mindfulness and sympathy among individuals and causes, to contribute socially, earth, and strategically. Our central goal was to investigate this inward require a superior life, through a straightforward, objective, and a smart plan, very much like the brand is. //-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-// Take a look at the full Logo Concept here: FOR COMMISSIONED WORK & PROJECTS GET IN TOUCH! at ---- ---- //-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-// THANKS FOR WATCHING
Published:March 25, 2022
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