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Fleggaard Tours Booking System

Site purpose : The site will gather data regarding tourists visiting some touristic objectives. Objectives will be defined with name and address. At each objective there will come daily buses with turists. Each bus belongs to a specific turism company. Upon arrival the bus driver will go to the ticketing office and announce its visit and the number of turists he brings. Ticketing office clerk will register in the system the bus company ,arrival time and date , number of turists. (fields needed will be provided). System should be able to make statistics based on date and time with the number of turists that visited each turistic objective. Detailed Requirements : 1.Admin Page / Login 2. Bus trip Registration. 3. Overview 4. Bus company registration 5. Bus Company Overview 6. Statistics. 7. Permissions Registered Company Users and Admin User
Published:April 26, 2020
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