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Hamtober 2019

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If you are in any way a participant in the art scene on social media, you may have heard of “Inktober.” This challenge, started by artist Jake Parker, invites creatives of all kinds to create one piece of work each day of October, and provides a set of themed prompts. ​ I was not a fan of the official prompts for the 2019 Inktober Challenge -- they were a little edgy for my tastes -- so I knew that if I were to create 31 separate pieces of art, they would all have to be related to something I love in order to motivate me. Thus I adapted a list of prompts created by Instagram user creamsherryart consisting of mush softer words and decided to use them to draw my absolute favorite animal: hamsters!
Published:November 14, 2020
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Nov 27, 2020
Thank you so much Julia! These are all done in Procreate using the default "soft pastel" and "6B" brushes from the sketching menu. ^_^ I did not overlay a texture, the brushes are textured themselves!
Nov 25, 2020
Oh, it's so cute 😍. Are these drawings on paper or an overlay texture in the program?
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