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Imagex - Web digital library that is clear and easy to use and manage

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Our client, one of the largest media corporations in Italy – Il Sole 24 Ore – owns and manages multiple websites. It was inconvenient for editors to search, manage and use different types of media content separately on each website when they manage multiple sites. ImageX is a web digital library that is clear and easy to use and manage. With ImageX the user can keep images, videos, audio, and live streams in one place, even if they have multiple websites. The challenge The customer required a system to store media files of all types, which at the same time could be easily and rapidly integrated with customers’ websites or function autonomously. Imagine you have an image that could be used by editors on multiple sites, in multiple designs, and seen on various devices – from mobiles to large desktop monitors. How and where would you store it properly so that it could meet all those needs? Our engineers found a solution. The solution Together with Il Sole 24 Ore, we agreed to build an R&D team of highly skilled front-end, back-end and quality assurance engineers that would work under the project manager’s supervision. As the system had to be swift and reliable our engineers advised using the following technologies: Node.js Express MongoDB Elasticsearch
Published:May 22, 2020
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