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Minimalist Logo and Brand Identity

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A logo that works well is always: 1) SIMPLE - Easy to identify and stick in the mind - Versatile, not limited by certain colors or size - So iconic that you can draw it from memory (think Nike, Apple, McDonald's) 2) LEGIBLE - Takes zero seconds to scan & understand - Any image should be clear & recognizable - Any text should be concise & readable 3) REASONABLE - Makes perfect sense essentially & aesthetically - Represent the brand's & its followers' belief - Should not confuse with any unintended interpretations “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs I can't promise your followers or revenue will grow soon, but my goal is to help you stand out that your audience can't ignore. What's your brand called? What problem do you solve? And why they should care? I'd love to know! Let's get in touch. See you on the other side. Daniel
Published:July 19, 2022
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