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It's never easy to create a logo that stands out and catches people's attention, but we were able to do it for our client "OFCOURSE"—a tech start-up that provides video courses online for people interested in the technology and software industry. First, we created a logo that was bold in color and stood out from the rest of the competition. By using a high-contrasting color for the logo, we made sure that people would notice it even if they were scanning quickly. We also used a wordmark logo type for our client in order to put their brand name into customers' minds as soon as they saw it. Next, we created icons and homepage UI designs for OFCOURSE that express the brand's identity even further by using its new logo in combination with other elements like fonts and colors. Finally, we created a full brand book that explains everything about OFCOURSE's personality and values so that customers can understand why they should use this company's website instead of anyone else!
Published:May 31, 2022
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