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Operation Wedding - Case Study

Invite to Job
I was invited to be the Best Man for a close friend’s wedding in Bulgaria (groom from New York, bride from Bulgaria). As the big day crept closer, things had been arranged and paid for, Americans had their flight tickets booked, and... the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Naturally, this was devastating news for the groom without his family or friends present from America. But it was 2020, not 1920... the fact that we cannot be physically together didn't mean we couldn't be together. What is more - I worked for Telenor - a company in the business of connecting people. At the time, Telenor was struggling to create customer perception that our mobile network is superior - the best; I saw an opportunity to use Telenor's network to bring the groom’s relatives over for the wedding, through leveraging technology… In return, Telenor got a great real-life mobile network test which was then leveraged for developing a strong brand positioning campaign. The result? The bride and groom had the wedding of their dreams and Telenor had a unique and highly-relevant campaign, spiking all Network and Brand KPIs and getting huge coverage for free via a teaser campaign – a non-branded video getting covered on national news, twice, the most popular Sunday TV show, and countless times through local media outlets with a grand total of ZERO media investment. I led and directed the project myself, working closely with our agency creative director to deliver a seamless, beautiful, and memorable campaign, which was the most awarded campaign at the Bulgarian IAB Mixx Awards (part of The MIXX Awards Europe – a contest to recognize and celebrate the best digital advertising campaigns in Europe).
Published:May 12, 2021
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