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Pianoles Online was the first website ever built by Senne Trenson. He developed and launched this website within one month (March 2016). Throughout the year of 2016, he expanded his knowledge about WordPress, web design, online marketing (SEO and email marketing),... This led to a complete overhaul and modernisation of the website at the end of 2016 which he launched in January 2017. This is still how the website looks today. It speaks for itself that the website itself isn't a testament of OMNIA Web Agency's web design skills. However, what is more relevant is the underlying work related to SEO. Even though Senne didn't write any new blog articles, Pianoles Online still ranked on the top of relevent Google search results for years. Even in 2020 some (less competitive) keywords were still on page one. This led to months with more than 100 visitors and even some conversions (affiliate sales). This shows the true power of SEO, which is one of our core services that we offer in order to help your (local) business become more visible online and generate a stream of qualified leads. Contact us for a free consultation call so we can discuss your project!
Published:November 27, 2021
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