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Loacker is a 90-year company making wafer and chocolate treats that are distributed in more than 100 countries. “Add goodness, and you will get goodness.” Natural raw materials without additives „Put good things in and good things will come out.“ This seemingly simple motto by Armin Loacker, business founder and confectioner, is valid to this day. We only use natural raw materials and ingredients, in other words those which have been produced according to the relevant stan- dards and have been carefully processed. Locally grown products preferred High-quality raw materials are the basis for the quality and taste of our wafer, patisserie and chocolate specialties. Therefore, it is very important to us where our raw materials come from. Locally sourced ingredients are in line with our sustainable mind- set because of the advantages in terms of being able to easily check the cultivation methods or short transport routes. We source all raw materials that grow in the Alps or in Europe from that region. The Loacker Sustainability Strat- egy is based on our corporate values, and it is enshrined in the Mission and Vision, the Mission Statement, the Genetic Code and in our business policies. Our quality and sustainability policy firmly establishes sustainable management along the entire value chain. We maintain a balance between environmental, economic and social responsi- bility. Product quality with responsibility Loacker products are certified to the international Food Stan- dard. Thereby we guarantee the highest possible product safety. Our raw materials are natural and unadulterated, are carefully processed and Quality and cost- effectiveness: · Be guided by the demands and expectations of our customers and consumers · Maintain our high quality and safety requirements relating to our products and their produc- tion · Observe cost structures and cost transparency Hope you like it !t
Published:February 9, 2023
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