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Take a break

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take a break take a break
Spotify screensaver Spotify screensaver
I love screensavers, I often wait for them to come up on my screen, if I have chosen a nice illustration that is. This artwork was a musical rendition of taking some time to mentally unwind. For me, this culminated in this art piece. It made sense to think of it as a screensaver, and the Spotify was the best choice, as it essentially allowed all of us during the pandemic to let go and be in the moment. How better to show your ad than as a screensaver? Taking a break means to rewind, relax and find some creativity. This was a project created inspired to make people realize that though times may be tough, it is ok to take a break sometimes, to just let things be.  An sketch made during a bar session pre corona, I took that feeling of surrender and brought it in a campaign idea for Spotify. 
Published:November 21, 2021
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