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Talo is first of all a young company. The intention is to offer comfort, convenience and quality of life to our customers, with foods made from real ingredients. A great taste in products that will make the routine lighter and easier. "We will work with transparency in all areas, from the choice of ingredients, the preparation and the final product". -Nicolle Portugal, Owner. One of the strong features of the company will be the take-away service. It is a practical way to keep the routine. There will be monthly plans to buy executive lunches, for example. Besides, it will be a sales point for local entrepreneurs. The chromatic palette is alive and present. Each color was selected aiming to be in agreement with the attributes of the brand, making a balance between the cheerful and the young, without making it childish. At the first moment, the main colors will be yellow,"flamingo" orange and white/off-white. The goal is to make this identity strong with those colors, especially yellow.
Published:November 3, 2020
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