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Timesheet (React, Google Spreadsheets API)

Timesheet is a time tracking web application utilizing React and Google Spreadsheets API. Does not use any backend, all processing is done in client's browser and data is stored in Spreadsheet Features: - Timer - Editing of tracked activities - Workspaces support (each workspace is a separate file) - Can also track earnings if provided with per-task hourly rate - Builds charts - Stores data on user's Google Drive using Google Spreadsheets API. Therefore, users have better control of their data - than with other tracking apps - Internationalization - Data generator for demonstration and testing purposes (generates data for selected amount of years) Used stack: - React - Redux - Google OAuth, Google Drive API, Google Spreadsheets API - UIKit3 - Plotly.js (to build charts) - Web Workers (to move heavy calculations out of rendering phase) - Nginx
Published:April 23, 2020
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