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Tooli is a product of Arabsat and big investors in the Saudi market, targeting the MENA region with the latest and most trending content supplied by principle media providers as our business partners like H+, Starzplay , SPI and others. Tooli is a world-class IPTV product that presents both live TV channels and Video on Demand (VOD) services provide a unique set of features that allows the users to catch missing movies and TV shows using the Playback feature, get programs to guide instantly, chat with other viewers online, rent a movie, or subscribe on our available packages and much more fabulous unique features Tooli is available on Apple TV, Apple Mobile, Android TV, Android Mobile, Web, LG Smart TV, and soon on Amazon Store, Linux TVs Tooli used the latest technologies like AI, Micro-services, and Data mining
Published:May 30, 2021
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