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XBET - Sporting Bet Platform XBET - Sporting Bet Platform
With a legacy system, XBET provides its users (administrative, managers and money changers) with an abstract, yet simple, control panel. They perform the control of finances, betting movements and even games to be bet by their end users (they have no contact with the confusing internal environment and its problems). With this system, users compile data, generate bets, and extract the information they provide to bettors. This system has been shown to be efficient, however, it is far from being effective. Its difficulty in delivering data and features makes it, by far, the best among what can be done. The big X of the question is: What is the level of the user's understanding of the system and what was actually put there thinking about improving the use and reading of the data provided? With the redesign it is necessary to use User-Centered Design. With all its structure and planning to deliver to the user what he really needs (or at least needs and doesn't know yet) is what matters. Thus, there is no room for errors if we use it to solve the user's own problem. It is what he desires. Everything involves tailor-made solutions, according to the problem of the user who is in direct contact with the internal control panel. Using User-Centered Design, we will be more successful in executing the project. This method is used to develop products, places, systems and services that lead to social, economic and environmental innovation.
Published:April 14, 2020
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