$100 per project
#sales Have you ever wondered how many companies go from making just around 3,000$ a month in sales to increasing that to 30,000 or even six figures? It's actually pretty simple and you can do it right now, by just changing this tiny step. This simple step is just changing the way you portray your company and your product and now you may be wondering, “well how can I do that”? Copywriters my friend, see the simple fact is not that your product is bad or it is not what people want. But it is just the way you sell it to them. Many companies have gone from doing just under 10,000$ a month to over 50,000$ a month only by just hiring a copywriter. Now since many copywriters understand that companies are looking for copywriters and know that they can get good cash out of it they charge around 1,000$-15,000$ a project. But I will only charge you 100$ because I want you to see the dramatic change it will make in your sales. Usually I would not be doing this and I would most likely charge much more as most copywriters do, but as I said, I want you to see the benefit it will have for your company. If you want to take this opportunity and get in touch with me you can email me at tadeleyosi4@gmail.com and we can discuss this and anything you want to ask me. Sincerely, Yosef Tadele