$249 per project
Early Years Teacher, working during the last eigtheen years for a Spanish Govermmental organization. Some of my duties were: -Help babies and toddlers to reach their full potential at cognitive, motor, and language adcquisition milestones. -Observation of children correct development; -Teaching English and Spanish to babies and toddlers; -Accompanying babies and toddlers to their emotional wellbeing; -Help babies and children to develop their grasp with thumb and index fingers by supervising their grasping of small objects and pencil, crayon coloring, according to their age. -Telling stories to babies and toddlers; - Introduction to music and dance with children; popular children songs in English and Spanish ; -Showing Bits of Intelligence Cards- Glenn Doman Method-, to babies and toddlers; -Training of Numeracy Skillls with older babies and toddlers; - Helping babies to support infant colic with massage; -Helping toddlers to potty training and deaper withdrawal; -Firt aid if needed. -Giving support to parents with their doubts;