$10 per project
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I translate in English into Russian, English into Finnish, Finnish into Russian and Russian into Finnish on the following topics: news, media, society, politics, health care, state authorities, education, tourism, articles, news, jobs and resume writing help, beauty, personal and business correspondence, telecommunications, computer and Internet topics, marketing and sales, and much more (please ask). I have been working with Inspector Cat Translation since recently. Please note that I am not an official translator, there is no official work experience (only freelance experience, 9 years), as well as specialized linguistic education. You can send me texts for translation by e-mail. The rate is 10$/1800 characters with spaces (0.006$/character with space). More information about my work in my personal profile on the website "Translation Exchange" https://perevodchik.me/vse-perevodchiki/ekaterina18.