Game Master for fun or for make your workplace a better enviroment place

Fixed Price: $15
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A new adverture calls! Hello fellow friend, are you trying to play Dungeons & Dragons but you don´t know how to start?, did you have a group of friends to play with but seems like they need more experience to be a Game Master?, want new advertures and feel the adrenaline and rush by killing a lot of weird creatures in a fantasy world? Well my friend, this is your lucky day, im a bilingual (Spanish - English) Game Master in the world of RPG games, and my task is to make you and your friends have the best adventure experience!. But wait, this is not only for the young ages, this is a playful experience that can be applied to your entire work team, to integrate, resolve conflicts, support creative thinking, de-stress workers and apply business or administrative strategies in an integral and fun way to unite all the workers of your company in a healthy and respectful environment, where the purpose is to improve the performance of each of its workers and their interpersonal skills, communication and response to situations that, regardless of everything, converge on a common goal, whether it is to kill a dragon, save the princess, or reach the sales goal of the month, this activity can support your company to indirectly influence the development of your workers to achieve a common goal, which is to grow your company. What i do in a session: - Explain game dynamics in the most easyest way to everyone understand it before start playing the game. - We can play with characters pre-made or is up to the customer to create a character for them own. - Coordinate the actions of the characters by the setting in which it is played (setting determined by a specific place and time). - Apply the game system impartially and objectively (without forgetting that the main foundation of role-playing games, like all games, is to have fun and have a good time). To do this, you must know the mechanism, setting and the plot of the game that is carried out so i will give you all the introduction before we start playing. - Play the extras, non-player characters (NPCs) that appear in the narrative. - Prepare the modules and campaigns for the session. - Prepare or make guide maps for the games. The session duration is about 3 hours and i think its a grate deal for de-stress. (it can be less than 3 hours is up to the customer) At your services!