I will create design exterior building & make 3d rendering architectural

Fixed Price: $100
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About This Gig Our design Services 3D visual Exterior : 1.basic package 2D design floor plan up to 150 sq mtr or (1615 sqft) 2D front view of the building or 3D-modeling exterior by sketch up (perspective view) output basic package : 2D floorplan, 2D front&side building, section & elevation or 3D modeling sketchup without material rendering output file 3d modeling .skp .dwg .3ds 2. standart package 3D visual render from your 3D modeling floorplan up to 300 m2 (3230 ft2) output 3D High quality photo realistic rendering architectural by 3ds max-Vray. res (1600x1200) or (1080x2160) file source 3d modeling .skp .dwg .3ds output file 3d rendering .jpeg .tiff .png app architectural by 3ds max-Vray. resolusion (1600x1200) or (1080x2160) 3. Premium package house design up to 400 m2 (4300 ft2) and make 3d modeling plus rendering app architectural by 3ds max-Vray. resolusion (1600x1200) or (1080x2160) Required Information data: 2D drawings (plans,elevations,section) ,hand sketch or reference images design idea Information about the render for instance (colors,material textures,foliage) and environment site area Please contact us if you need architectural design we'll send you a custom offer based on your project size. standart package per view fix price start from $100 complete architectural design package $15 per sq meter or $1,5 per sq feet please contact for more detail