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1. Defining The App Strategy After being delivered a clear use case on the basis of the customer journey through the idea of the app, it will be easier for me to identify the layout of each screen. 2. Setting The Scope The scope refers to what needs to be done, what you want to achieve from the app, and how large/small it has to be. The scope may include all of the following: The nature of the app Target audience Most crucial functions and features of the app Visual features Consistency with the business strategy Specific preferences 3. UX Wireframe The purpose of UX wireframing is to define: The flow of the app such as the number of screens and buttons. Where each button leads the user, the registration process, the login screen, and everything related to the front-end of your app. 4. UI Design visual representation of the concepts, color schemes, fonts, shapes, buttons, font size, images, forms etc.