$50 per project
Hello, I'm an Egyptian freelancer. I have a B.A. and a pre-masters diploma in translation. Moreover, I have prolific experience that goes back to 1997. In the technical field, I’ve translated documents dealing with Power Stations and Substations; IT industry; furniture industry; underground constructions; operation of industrial mechanical and electronic equipment; electrical safety in construction, automotive industry; user manuals and technical specifications guides. The field of oil and drilling is another technical domain where I gained valuable experience as a result of translating large volumes of training documents in this domain. In the medical field, I have been translating large volumes of material for CCHMC (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center), and CBI (Cancer and blood institute). I've translated documents about MIBG treatment, treatment plans for pediatric patients of various diseases and medical conditions such as Burkett Lymphoma, Neuroblastoma, and Epidermolysis Bullosa; informational brochures related to a number of diseases and medical conditions including cystic fibrosis, hepatitis; medical surveys about symptoms and effects of medications, forms for observation of patients with bowl disorders, documents about kidney transplant for children detailing criteria for selecting patients for transplants, the surgical operation, preoperative and postoperative care and medications for patients, as well as similar documents for heart transplants and bone and marrow transplants, patient informative documents about lobectomy and cortisectomy for seizure control in children, consent forms for a number of clinical trials and experiments. In addition, I have translated medicine sheets and feeding plans for patients, care instructions for patients with Central lines and PICC, children immunization and vaccination leaflets, hospital reports, manuals and marketing documents about medical equipment (such as pulse oximeters, computed tomography x-ray systems, and cochlear implants among others). In addition, in the field of pharmaceuticals, I have experience translating leaflets of medicinal products, and basics of pharmaco-vigilance. I have completed various projects in the field of marketing as well, ranging from marketing brochures for luxurious residential apartments in Jumeirah palm island and elegant Patek Phillipe watches to such everyday commodities such as Herbal essence and Pampers products. My latest projects in the marketing field were for Lipton and Lakeland household store. However, I also have considerable experience in the fields of education, psychology, refugee support, social welfare programs, journalism, official documents, World Bank Programs, among others. As for CAT tools, I use SDL Trados, MemoQ, WordFast and Memsource. I'm used to tight deadlines, and I believe myself to be quality oriented.