Process Consultant

Fixed Price: $3,500
Use Process Optimization - to reduce project capital and operating costs for OP / EPC - to aggressively bid for the project and win for EPC - to reduce shutdown / commissioning time and costs for OP / EPC OP- Operating Company, EPC - FEED / EPC Contractor HHave accomplished the following in various facilities: In current role as Process Consultant : For ONGC project proposal , managed to remove one compressor. Updated the gas sweetening and dehydrating scheme in HYSYS model for the proposed project in Iraq to have more realistic values. Also, modified the scheme to have more effective Joule Thomson effect which helped to reduce compressor duty. Made contributions to many proposals to have cost-effective schemes. For McDermott MiddleEast : “Safaniya-3 project” for Saudi Aramco. Took initiative and did study to reduce flange rating from 1500# to 900# on all Safaniya onshore facility and it was accepted and implemented. Also managed to reduce about 100 number of 4"-300# ball valves, 3 number of 24"-1500# ball valves and one number of 30"-1500# valve. Took initiative and reduced number of datasheets for equipment and instruments by standardizing them. This reduced the engineering costs, procurement costs, schedule costs (if commissioning sequence of various platforms is changed) and maintenance costs (as single model spare part inventory is maintained). For Dubai Petroleum: 1. Increase the well production by about 17000 bpd when only increase of 800 bpd was expected by doing necessary minor modifications in the Separator. 2. Increase the well production by improving the gas-lift compressor performance by using various methods. 3. Changed operating logic and stopped few operating equipment (including cooling water pump and water supply pump) resulting in lower power requirement that led to reducing the number of operating power generators by one and this also helped reduced carbon emissions. 4. Used existing gas-liquid separator and converted the equipment to also handle liquid-liquid separation and thus obviating the need for separate liquid-liquid separator. 5. Conceived simple and easy implementable scheme to remove condensate from the gas so as to avoid hydrate formation. 6. Sorted out the operation issues such as loss of sand-filter media, operation, oil-export pump, implementation of hydrate removal scheme leading to unintended loss of production etc. For Worley Parsons Oman Engineering : 1. In Lekhwair Water Injection EPC Project for PDO, Oman, I showed that two set of equipment were not contributing to the proposed process scheme. When the project was commissioned, it was proved right. For Toyo Engineering India Ltd. 1. Proposed to reduce the outlet pressure of steam turbine by 10 bar and simultaneously reduce the pressure drop across the control valve downstream by same value. This resulted in additional power availability in the Urea project. 2. For “420000 tpa paraxylene” for Petronas Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia, I took initiative and made a proposal which eliminated the need for two air-cooled heat exchangers and reduced the size of two cooling water exchangers by pre-heating the CDU inlet stream by product streams. 3. Proposed to eliminate de-superheater configuration in benzene section as there was need to have lower temperatures and it was agreed by Licensor UOP. Thus, lines with desuperheater, control valve and relief valve and related manual valves were removed. 4. “10000 Ton Ammonia Storage” for Sanjana Cryogenic Storages Ltd. Reduced refrigerator compressor capacity by 25%. Reduced flare-stack height by 35m. Reduced number of ammonia discharge pumps by having common stand-by pump for two separate discharge lines. 5. “LPG Import / Export Facility” for Indian Oil Petronas Ltd. Worked as a Commissioning manager and was not involved in design development. Made two boil-off compressor trains redundant by changing the operating philosophy without affecting overall process requirement. Boil-off compressors supplied by Japanese vendors were defective and hence I proposed to utilize unloading compressors that will cut-in and cut-out based on cryogenic storage operating pressure. Changed boiler operating philosophy from (1 operating + 1 sometimes operating) to (1 sometimes operating + 1 stopped). It was achieved by removing the hot insulation on LPG heater and allowing ambient heat (which is free) to heat the contents instead of steam. Massive saving on fuel realized along with increased safety due to non-operation of boiler. Changed cooling water pump configuration from (3 operating + 1 stand-by) to (2 operating + 2 stand-by) by changing the pump operating point. Reduced the number of operating water supply pumps by configuring the piping to have a common discharge. Stopped sulfuric acid dosing in cooling water circuit after ensuring that water quality is not compromised. Reduced purging time and amount of nitrogen used for purging s