$50 per project
⚫ Managing 120+ physical and virtual servers among five sites. ⚫ Administrating HP and Dell physical servers. ⚫ Administration of Linux systems like (CentOS, Alpine, Ubuntu). ⚫ Daily maintenance/administration of multiple Linux systems. ⚫ Installation, set up, configuration, and maintenance of Java Application Servers, Apache Web Servers. ⚫ Installation, set up, configuration, and maintenance of FTP, SSH, SMTP, HTTP/S, Cron Jobs, Shell Scripting, Syslog logging facility. ⚫ Configuration and maintenance of the monitoring system and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure using Zabbix. ⚫ Respond to alerts issued by our monitoring systems (Zabbix). ⚫ Configure RAID, update bios and firmware for the physical servers. ⚫ Installing and administrating virtual machines using virtualization technologies especially Hyper-V. ⚫ Tuning and enhancing the performance of the Hyper-V environment. ⚫ Administrating antivirus server (Kaspersky Security Center) with 200+ nodes from servers and workstations to guarantee antivirus functionality on all machines. ⚫ Run periodic patches updates from windows and Kaspersky to guarantee to fix all vulnerabilities and bugs. ⚫ Managing company’s external hosting from websites, domains, certificates, etc. ⚫ Publishing all testing and production websites using IIS and Apache. ⚫ Manage backup process and perform data recoveries as needed. ⚫ Responsible for documenting the system's configuration. ⚫ Managing Security Camera System.