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Hi, My name is Pritam Chougale and I'm a Digital marketer. I've been working as a Digital marketer for quite some time now and I'm well experienced with the landscape. Working in marketing allowed me to understand the importance of content specifically blog posts and articles. There is a reason why they call "content is king" because it rules digital marketing. I'm here to offer you my content writing service which includes, After all, without SEO your content may be lost somewhere on page 50 of the search results; and we all know traffic on those pages is less than satisfactory. Likewise, your first-page ranking can only do so much if your content post-click is crummy. That’s why a good relationship between SEO and great content is essential! I can do the following things for you, 1. Keyword research for your next blog post 2. Creating an outline of your blog post 3. Writing SEO optimized blog post content 4. Putting it on your website (on-page SEO) 5. Promoting it on all social platforms 6. Email outreach for backlinks 7. Any other specific thing you want me to do with your content. You can check my profile for other services. If you want to read more about me find my blog here pritamc.com or you can DM me I can send you my work samples. Thank you! Pritam
$18 per project
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Pritam Chougale - Digital Marketing Specialist