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I have extensive research experience with more than 15 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation, and more than 10 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative research, management, and leadership. I have managed, supported, and facilitated strategic decision-making in the public sector, corporate and academic environments. With my expertise in designing and implementing research of various types, I can interpret and present research findings for discussions and decision-making with the aim of promoting key objectives and advancing strategic concerns. I worked extensively on fieldwork implementation, data processing, analysis, and interpretation of data for various market research organizations early on in my career. Often, the analysis was presented to clients as part of executive strategic decision-making regarding brand promotion and reputation management. As an experienced data analyst with large databases, I am able to spot inconsistencies, faulty data capturing, and field conditions that may have impacted the data. Likewise, I am familiar with thematic analysis software, such as Nvivo, and can make a sound judgment regarding the quality and usefulness of qualitative data. I am very good at absorbing and processing large amounts of information. I am quick to learn and comprehend. My experience includes managing people and projects, creating and managing budgets, and imparting knowledge in an uncomplicated but effective way. With my experience, I am able to carefully construct quantitative surveys, knowing in advance which statistical needs the data will need to support. Due to my social science training, I am sensitive to context and comfortable with dynamic, diverse, and complex situations (and people). Discipline, honesty, and fair-mindedness are characteristics that set me apart from others. Numbers, budgeting, and statistics come naturally to me.