$90 per project
Dear sir/madam, If you have a look at my profile (http://www.proz.com/profile/686074) you will see what some clients have to say about me. At (http://www.proz.com/?sp=wwa&sp_mode=stats) you can see how I rank in the ProZcom list of translators. At http://www.proz.com/?sp=security_card&sp_mode=show_security_card&eid_s=686074 you can also check that I am a professional translator (SecurePRO™). I have a strong work ethic based on accuracy, diligence, hard work, and honesty. I also hold a Michigan CPE certificate (sent upon request). Strongly skilled in organization/communication with an orientation to detail control, team motivation/collaboration, changing circumstances negotiation. Comprehensive experience in localization or "brazilialization" of third-party translated materials, making them suitable for Brazilian culture, thus reducing sunk costs. All this topped up with excellent writing skills. Freelance translation/proofreading/editing/transcreation (English to Portuguese – Spanish to Portuguese_Brasil), since 1975. Fields of expertise: Advertising, Architecture, Creative Writing, E-commerce, Education, Fashion, Finance, Hospitality, Hotel/Tourism & Travel, Humanities, IT (software), Law & Legal/Patents, Literature (children/adults, no porn), Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Oil & Gas, Software (Localization), Video Games. Rates TRANSLATION PROOFREADING MINIMUM FEE €90,00 €45,00 UP TO 5.000 WORDS €0,17 €0,10 UP TO 10.000 WORDS €0,15 €0,09 UP TO 15.000 WORDS €0,09 €0,06 UP TO 20.000 WORDS €0,08 €0,05 UP TO 30.000 WORDS €0,07 €0,04 Rush jobs DEADLINE ADD UP TO 24 HOURS ADD 80% UP TO 36 HOURS ADD 60% UP TO 48 HOURS ADD 40% Important: machine translation review/proofreading/editing charged as human translation My daily translation output ranges from 2.400 words per day (complex texts) to 8.000 words per day (simple texts). OS: PC – Windows 7 Home Edition CAT Tools – Trados, MemoQ, Wordfast, SmartCAT Working Hours: full time (10/7) E-mail: humbertoribas@gmail.com Country of residence: Brasil Nationality: Brazilian Time Zone GMT -3 Payment through bank transfer: Bank Name: Wirecard BIC: WIREDEMM IBAN: DE39512308006500188265 Country: Germany I believe you can really profit from using my knowledge and experience, as I have the skills required to excel in the position and I can make a worthy contribution to your team. I would really like the opportunity for a more detailed contact and I look forward to it at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Humberto Ribas For professional references, please contact: “Max”: linguist@wordminds.com "Remco Kok": remcokok@euro-com.net "Emilia Eliseo": emiliaeliseo@comcast.net “Graham Moran”: morangraham@yahoo.com “Kimie Homma”: kimie@kliqie.com.au “Stephane Millet”: smillet@telelingua.us “Kannika Raksasap”: kannika.raksasap@andovar.com “Kimberlee Thorne-Waintraub”: kwaintraub@gmail.com "Tania Vieira": tania@tradutan.com For specific information on Christian translations, please contact: “Marcelo González”: http://www.proz.com/profile/103641 For specific information on Subtitle Translations, please contact: “Vanesa Simcic”: v.simcic@antarcticafilms.com For specific information on Pressure Transmitters, please contact: “Cristian Zinfolino”: cristian.zinfolino@isselnord.it For specific information on Oil & Gas Translations, please contact: "Sue Lee (Andovar)": sue.lee@andovar.com “Mario Rosair”: mario.rosair@appliedlanguage.com For specific information on Mechanical Engineering Translations, please contact: “Cristian Zinfolino”: cristian.zinfolino@isselnord.it “Miyoun Kim”: mykim@g2n.co.kr “Tom Shaw”: tom.shaw@appliedlanguages.com Elena Mateo deltatext@deltatext.com For specific information on fashion translations, please contact: “Federica Scaccabarozzi: federica.scaccabarozzi@transeditgroup.it For specific information on Finance/Forex Translations, please contact: “Katia Polihronou”: kpolihronou@zulutrade.com “Maria Zarovskaya”: zaragraphic@gmail.com For specific information on Proofreading, please contact: “Monica Silva”: monica.silva@kvalitext.com For specific information on CAD Translations, please contact: “Linda Cai”: lindacai@translator.sg For specific information on Legal Translations, please contact: “Bill Shun”: diners@diners.com.hk For specific information on Excavators, Forklifts, etc, Translations, please contact: “Miyoum Kim”: mykim@g2n.co.kr For specific information on Electronics Translations, please contact: “Linda Griff”: linda@wolfestonetranslation.de For specific information on Car Sales Translations, please contact: "Jenny Park": project@latranslate.com