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HELLO! My name is Estela and I help companies and entrepreneurs grow their business. You have enough to do, so why not allow me to assist you with those time-consuming tasks that are hanging out on your to-do list! I’ll get your business organized and running smoothly so that you can focus on what you do best. I only work with a select few businesses, so you can rest assured that your business is top priority. I’m your right-hand woman, there for you when you need me. I’m someone who grows with your company, sharing every trial and triumph with you. Let’s get to work! **SERVICES Below is a list of services I offer, but feel free to let me know if you don’t see something in particular that you need. 🟠 ADMIN TASKS - Email management - Data entry - Document management - Sending Thank You’s - Calendar maintenance - Creating PowerPoint presentations - Appointment setting - Order fulfillment - Ordering supplies - Client onboarding tasks e.g. responding to emails & sending invoices - Making travel arrangements - Uploading YouTube videos - Creating & updating SOPs - Organizing cloud files - Organizing G-Drive files - Translation - Formatting Word Documents 🟠 CREATIVE TASKS - Creating graphics for blog posts, social media,... - Mockups - Photo editing - Video editing - Audio editing - Creating slides for webinars or workshops - Designing business cards, flyers - Sourcing photos for blog posts - Photography for websites and promotional materials - Branding services - Designing sales funnels **SOFTWARES & TOOLS The following is a list of software and tools with which I’m familiar with. I’m also willing to learn new ones as needed. 🔸 ADMIN Google drive Microsoft Word Trello Acuity Gmail WordPress Dropbox Typeform 🔸 Design Canva Figma Corel Draw Clickfunnels SmartMockups 🔸 EDITING Wondershare Filmora x Audacity Lightroom **PRICING The following packages include all services: 🟧 10 HOURS/MO - 200 Euro 🟧 20 HOURS/MO - 400 Euro 🟧 30 HOURS/MO - 600 Euro If what you need is to know that I will be with you for an indefinite period of time, with a minimum of six months, then I offer you these packages: 🟧 48 HOURS/MO - 960 Euro 🟧 24 HOURS/MO - 480 Euro 🟧 16 HOURS/MO - 320 Euro And if what you need is help with a project of limited duration, we can agree on a price that will depend on the type of service. **FAQs - What if I don't use all the hours in one month? Unfortunately, hours don’t roll over to the next month. But I’m sure we can find something to use them up on. - When and how do you invoice me? I’ll send an invoice on the 1st of each month. You can pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal. - Can I hire a package of more than 30 hours per month? Yes. We can agree on the hours and duration that you need. **READY TO GET STARTED? If you have any questions, please reach out to me at estela@placidgoals.com