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Are you a digital marketing company? And need a writer? Are you looking for a contributor writer for your digital marketing blog? Do you need a digital marketing writer as a freelancer, full time or on a contract basis? Yes! Did you say yes? Then stop searching, take a rest and I'll do everything for you. Hello, My name is Mayank Bajpai and I'm working as a freelance internet marketer with strong analytical and blog writing skills. Running a successful business is like eating glass every day that you may have heard many times from great entrepreneurs and that's true. Due to this, we use the distribution technique to reduce the burden from a single person. We work with various departments and sub-departments to get efficient results. Marketing is one of them. And I'm here to reduce your burden, only a little bit, in the content creation department. As you know writing is hard. Everyone can write. But everyone can not write great content. Why? Because great writing comes with practice, experience, hard work and most important interest. If anyone has an interest to write then typing lengthy articles comes as a hurdle, don't talk about editing and proofreading. I'm here to solve all your problems and left only one task for you to pay on time (That takes only a few minutes not hours.) with a promise of a 100% satisfaction guarantee and unlimited revisions (as many as you want). Price: $199-$499 per article $199 for 1500-2000 words $299 for 2500 words $399 for 3000 words $499 for 3500- 4000 words This pricing varies with words. Quality will remain the same in all articles and I don't compromise on that. Writing amazing and powerful content every day and make it better day by day is my motto. I love to work for longer and strong partnerships.