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Fixed Price: $300
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I am an experienced freelance writer and editor and have worked on various projects for many years including championing women’s causes, writing and editing books, as well as copywriting for blogs, web copy and content. I’ve therefore gained valuable writing experience, working with different clients including magazines, publishers, authors, and organisations, ghost writing for them as well as writing and publishing five of my own books. I take the time to research and understand your project and bring your idea to life! I use my passion for writing to help you as my client to achieve your goals, and make your business the best it can be. I assist you to make lasting connections with your customers. I research every subject thoroughly so that they are convinced you are speaking directly to them. I help you get to where you want to go to, as well as where you deserve to be on your business journey. I place a high priority on delivering well-written content that can help you achieve your goals. Your website copy should reflect the effort and investment made, to present your business in the best, most professional light possible. This is reassuring to customers as it reflects the capability of your business, to get the job done. However unfortunately the opposite is the case, when the writing is lacking and not as it should be. This is where I come in. With this offer you can expect: The editing of your article, blog post, or web copy. A re-write where ever necessary, so that there is a flow of words and readability is improved. A correction of any grammar mistakes, so that your content looks professional and of the highest quality. I am really looking forward to hearing about your writing project idea, and learning what I can do for you. I'm excited to bring all my writing experience to assist you with your writing/editing project, whether that involves a book, blog, article or web content. I am always looking out for exciting and challenging projects because I enjoy collaboration and cannot wait to meet and work with you!
Fixed Price: $300
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