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Lchokuti Foundation is a Non -profit, Non-racial organization established with the aim of improving the living standards of rural and marginalized community members .The organization is based within the rural parts of Samburu Kenya. Samburu is a village that faces material deprivation, economic devastation, food insecurity, inadequate healthcare access, among other issues associated to poverty. The community is based in the northern parts of kenya where education is not given a priority because of pastoralism which is the biggest constraint to development . Most kids have dropped out of school to look after herds as young boys and girls. They have later engaged into prostitutions in search of money to support their poor families. Some kids have been orphaned due to high HIV prevalence within the area hence burdening the older kids to take up the responsibilities of caring for the younger ones hence dropping out of school. Education is vital in a society and since it (Education) has not been much embraced in the past years, Major effects such as: poor health, lack of a voice, shorter lifespan, unemployment, exploitation and gender inequality have greatly affected people in this community. The establishment of this foundation was on the grounds of curbing up this severe effects of illiteracy through initiation of various programs all geared towards the improvement of the lives of at-risk persons such as orphans, widows, victims of Gender based Violence etc. The organization established a school where the kids are given an opportunity to learn free of charge and this was with the aim of supporting those who are from poor background .The organization also aims at improving the health status of the infected persons by supplementing them with nutritional food stuff and giving them a general support on health information. The foundation supports the feeding program of over 200 kids whose parents are so poor. Through education the children get valuable skills that can further also in development of the community and themselves. Volunteers who are interested in the children program can teach a variety of subjects’ areas e.g. • English /language activities • Science and technology /environmental • Social studies • Christian religious • Art and craft • Home science • Physical education • Music and movement Volunteers are urged to be flexible, patient, and passionate and love for teaching for cross cultural experience. This is a very good opportunity for volunteer interns with an educational background to gain some experience in their desired profession. The school is in the remote village hence experiencing shortage of qualified teachers who are unable to handle the overwhelming number of students in a single class. This has called for a great need of volunteers who can speak and write English to assist these communities. Apart from the above subjects volunteers can also teach topics such like sex and reproductive education, Socio-economical and psychological empowerment, games and handwork crafts No qualifications are needed to be a volunteer teacher. If you can read and write and you are 18 years and over, you are qualified to volunteer as a teacher. . The role of the volunteer in this program goes far beyond assisting teaching. Children are attracted to school by the presence of volunteers and your presence also is a proven morale booster for parents and the limited teachers as well as a great inspiration for students. Volunteer’s responsibilities •Prepare lesson notes. •Organize learning materials. •Develop a teaching method. •Teach classes through lecturing, discussions and demonstration. •Discuss output and methods with fellow teachers and supervisor. •Access the performance of the students through work assignments etc. •Organize recreational games with students to help them understand the taught topics e.g. modeling Program objectives  First to help us encourage the children to come to school, keep them in the classrooms and have the interest in learning.  To compliment the effort of the teachers to offer proper education to all to fight poverty, crime and dependency within the community.  To help the deprived acquire better and competitive education to pursue further studies and jobs.  To enable the school identify brilliant but needy students in such communities through the reports of volunteers and help offer scholarships for further studies.  To encourage the children and their parents to love school. Due to the lack of teachers, students’ performance has been nothing to help them pursue further studies or some other jobs. After the primary education, they end up in the same old form of sustenance so the parents and even the youth see school attendance as a waste of time and choose to drop out. By offering volunteers into these communities, lack of teachers will be managed while quality education shall be offered to these children.  To promote culture exchange that will take place between the volunteers and the residents of the communities/villages in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds and needs are fostered and valued, and where those with diverse backgrounds and experiences are able to participate and contribute towards development.  To create inter relationship between volunteers and that of the communities deprived but rich in culture.  To offer the volunteer an opportunity to make a positive contribution into the lives of a disadvantaged to satisfy his/her social conscience. What to bring for this program o Story books o Pencils (water paints) o Modeling clay o Paints o Crayons o Manila papers o Felt pens o Marker pens o Writing pads and books o Toys to facilitate learning e.g. animal toys Other programs Poverty exacerbates problems of sexual violence and gender inequality. In Ganze, there have been up to seven rapes per week recently, according to police reports. There are no repercussions for the offenders, the written legislation is not carried out by the local judicial system, and the women are left in isolation to deal with the consequences and trauma caused by these incidents. We bring peace and power to those affected by providing them with Psychosocial where they are given a conducive environment to heal and continue with their education. We also engage the youth in sports to break this circle of idleness as it is stated ~an idle mind is the devils' workshop. Through this sporting activities, talents have been nurtured hence placing them at state there they can seek employment in various entities. From the talents nurtured, some youth have been able to establish their own business. The last target group is the aged .There are so many aged persons in this community who don't have someone to take care of them .This is because some are neglected by their own children, some lost all children from the HIV pandemic amongst other calamities . We make frequent visits to such families to keep them company and also provide them with food, build houses for them, provide them with clothing and also with the help from our trained psychologist provide them with psychological and social support