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Abanoub Sameh

Graphic designer & Video creator

sohag, Egypt
Joined May 9, 2020
Hello You look little confused!.. Is that because you'r have little imagine for your video and you can not find the professional designer for your video or ad? Then WELCOME I have been waiting for you for a while!! Let me introduce myself first: I am a Graphic designer & Video creator for all different needs of videos ( Ads, Explainer Videos, Logo animation, Events or websites Promos, Montage or video editing ) I work with the Highest software programs with 7+ years experience: - Aftereffect - Animate - Premier - Photoshop - Audition - Illustrator - Lightroom For Animation videos: I can create you high quality videos 4K, 1080HD, 720HD with different styles of animation ( Cool, Classic, Funny...etc) and it will contain background music and sound effects that will exactly fit your video If you want any help with the script too it will be my pleasure For Video editing: I can make your footages and shoots look very premium with the best transitions and effect with all kind of styles and effects. If you have any imagine or examples you liked before or you want something like this just let me know and just to know what exactly you need I will provide you with the best results for your Premium video All projects Include All edits needed and no raise in money for any edit By hiring me, you will have a quick response, high quality, and great communication. My primary goal is to make my clients 100% happy so never hesitate to contact me. "I would rather lose money than a trust"