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Achonye John Obiajulu

Customer service Representative

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Customer service Representative at Engineering Office Dubai
Studied Business Management at Nigeria Institute of Management
Studied Mechanical Engineering at Anambra State University
Joined July 22, 2023



As a customer service representative, I possess various skills and strengths that enable me to excel in the role. Some of these skills include: 1. Excellent communication: I have strong verbal and written communication skills, which allow me to effectively communicate with customers, understand their needs, and provide accurate and clear information. 2. Active listening: I actively listen to customers to fully understand their concerns or issues. This helps me provide appropriate solutions or suggestions that effectively address their needs. 3. Problem-solving: I am adept at quickly identifying and resolving customer issues. I have the ability to think critically and find creative solutions to meet customer needs, ensuring their satisfaction. 4. Patience and empathy: I possess the ability to remain patient and empathetic towards customers, even in challenging situations. I understand that every customer has unique needs and emotions, and I strive to provide a positive experience despite any difficulties they may face. 5. Organizational skills: I am highly organized and efficient in managing multiple customer inquiries simultaneously. I utilize tools and systems to track and update customer records, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. 6. Product knowledge: I have in-depth knowledge about the products or services I represent. This allows me to confidently and accurately answer customers' queries, provide relevant information, and offer appropriate recommendations. 7. Time management: I am proficient in prioritizing tasks and managing my time effectively, ensuring prompt response and resolution times for customer queries or issues. 8. Adaptability: I am quick to adapt to changing customer expectations and requirements. I can easily adjust to new systems, processes, or procedures, ensuring a smooth customer service experience. My strongest side as a customer service representative lies in my ability to genuinely connect with customers. I have a friendly and approachable demeanor, which helps in building rapport and trust. I take the time to understand customers' concerns, showing genuine empathy and concern. This ability to connect with customers on a personal level often leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, my strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail enable me to find effective resolutions for customers, leaving them feeling valued and satisfied with their experience.
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Engineering Office Dubai
Nov 2014 – Present
Customer service Representative
I worked directly with customers
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Nigeria Institute of Management
Jun 2008 – Jun 2009
Postgraduate Diploma , Business Management
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Anambra State University
Mar 2007 – Sep 2007
Bsc , Mechanical Engineering