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Adrian Aguilar

Customer Support Supervisor

Houston, United States
Studied at Homeschool
Consumer Services
Joined June 11, 2024


I'm a 3+ year experienced customer support supervisor, and have been thoroughly enjoyed my time aiding and assisting customers complete their issues, while also helping my team grow in their role and within themselves.
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May 2023 – Oct 2023
Dallas, Tx
Account Manager
• Serve as the primary liaison between Vixxo and Service Provider headquarters, managing over 300 sites consistently in California and Virginia and aligning decisions with organizational goals for exceptional service, customer satisfaction, and retention • Develop and nurture strong customer relationships by understanding their needs and delivering timely updates on service status, timelines, and costs to achieve goals and service level agreements • Cultivate relationships with service providers, meeting customer expectations and negotiating cost-effective rates • Approve customer-related changes, submit recommendations and proposals, and efficiently handle service requests, ensuring timely completion of work while managing preventative maintenance • Analyze key metrics, reports, and performance indicators to identify areas of improvement, taking proactive measures to deliver exceptional service and reduce customer costs
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Smart Rent
Oct 2021 – May 2023
Scottsdale, AZ
Resident Support Supervisor
• Managed and supervised productivity, strategy, and customer escalations for two teams by leading roundtable sessions to address questions, resolve issues, and enhance team morale • Enhanced company productivity through recognition and rewards for exceptional staff performance, while analyzing employee metrics and providing guidance to ensure quality, performance, SLA, and organizational objectives were met •Performed comprehensive HR responsibilities including conducting interviews, managing schedules, enforcing company policies and procedures, and actively engaging in employee onboarding and offboarding processes
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Smart Rent
Apr 2021 – Oct 2021
Scottsdale, AZ
Resident Support Team Lead
• Supervised a team of Client Support Associates and Specialists to meet company objectives • Collaborated with Resident Support Supervisor to monitor, address, and enhance customer satisfaction and company productivity by coaching, and training as needed • Developed new procedures and onboarding to increase team efficiency and effectiveness.
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Smart Rent
Sep 2020 – Apr 2021
Scottsdale, AZ
Resident Support Specialist
• Provided exceptional customer service and resolved inquiries via email, phone, and chat, ensuring customer satisfaction • Collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to identify and resolve issues by implementing innovative solutions to exceed customer expectations while ensuring timely and effective resolutions • Managed billing, sales-related requests, and provided technical support for the company's SaaS products, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of services.
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Amazon Web Services
May 2016 – Sep 2020
Herndon, VA
Enterprise Support Associate
• Managed 5 high-touch Private Sector Enterprise accounts' cloud adoption and utilization, ensuring excellent customer service, increasing revenue of $50M through multimillion-dollar Reserved Instance (RI) commitments, and growing multiple accounts • Collaborated with Enterprise Business Account Managers and Technical Account Managers for account restructuring projects and EDP signings • Provided global support to clients building mission-critical applications and services such as Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2, while suggesting innovative solutions for customer experience.
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State Farm
Aug 2015 – May 2016
Richardson, Tx
Claims Representative
• Provided exceptional customer service by assisting clients and associates with their claims through multiple channels, such as phone, mobile app, click-to-chat, and Internet reporting • Managed a large volume of calls in a collaborative team and ensured prompt routing of claims to other claim handling teams • Conducted data entry for initial claim reporting, procured and documented loss information for client claims, and arranged car rental reservations and estimator inspections.
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High School Diploma