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Adriana Yepes

Health Professional

Costa Rica
Studied Health Managment at Universidad Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Studied Health Managment at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Studied Oral Health Care at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Joined August 8, 2022



Native or Bilingual
Licensed dentist with 20+ years in practice and relevant experience and knowledge in dentistry/dental industry/oral care. Ability to interact effectively with dental professionals, KOLs, thought leaders/influencers in the industry. Excellent written and oral communication skills, presentation and public speaking skills. Demonstrated leadership skills. Strategic Marketing executive and consultant with international experience. A results-oriented, visionary leader with a strong track record of performance in global environments. Continuously utilize keen analysis, insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex people management issues and motivating staff to peak performance. Trilingual English and Spanish and Italian.
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Human Solutions - Myra Salud
Mar 2021 – Dec 2021
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Dentist/ Vaccinating Professional
Provision of vaccination services in the campaign against SARS-CoV-2 of patients of all ages. Responsible for administering vaccines to the population objective, in a safe way, complying with all the rules, recommendations and procedures. Among other functions, I oversaw maintenance and registry of the cold chain of the vaccines, preparation and anamnesis of the patient preparation and administration of vaccines, registry supervision correct vaccination in the National Registry of Immunizations
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Private Practice
Oct 2016 – Dec 2020
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Responsible for providing general dental services to patients of all ages.
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Servimotora Ltda
Jan 2015 – Jun 2016
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Marketing Manager
- Manage the project design, development and implementation of the Company’s Marketing Strategy. - Design and customize and launched successfully, the induction program incorporating fully interactive multimedia. - Designed and taught professional development courses for sales trainers. - Consulted with the business units to identify learning needs and business development. - Deliver sales training programs at all levels of the organization. - Negotiated and manage contracts with external suppliers.
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Sur Multigestión Ltda
Oct 2012 – Dec 2015
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Project Manager
- SERVIMOTORA LTDA, Santiago – Chile, Consulting Director Strategic Marketing Planning May 2013 – Dec 2015 Responsibilities include: - Incorporate clients at Servimotora’s portfolio. - Trained and guided consultants. - Supervised Marketing Plan - Issued periodically conferences organized for Company Heads on key issues related to the Strategic Marketing Planning - AES GENER, Santiago - Chile, Organizational Change Management Project Lead October 2012 – April 2013 Responsibilities include: - Set up of the Program Management Office and Program Governance - OCM Program Strategy - Organizational Change Readiness - Assessment Sponsorship Strategy - Stakeholder Engagement Plan - Leadership Alignment Plan - Communication Strategy - Training Strategy - Transition Management - Benefits Realization
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Reyplan CDI
Oct 2011 – Sep 2012
Bogotá Colombia
Health Services Manager
- Ensuring access, availability and quality of Health Providers Network service. - Managing Scientific, regulatory, claim and clinical issues associated with selling professional products and services - Interacting effectively with dental and ophthalmological professionals, KOLs, thought leaders and influencers in the health industry - Leading content training of the professional marketing, distributor and sales team - Setting objectives for the effective and efficient development, delivery, monitoring, and continuous improvement of training to meet sales and business goals. - Evaluating progress on execution of the plans. - Developing and delivering educational presentations to professional and health care companies to increasing Knowledge, usage and recommendation of the products - Establishing and fortifying collaborative relationships with all leading professional health care organizations
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Universidad Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Jul 1997 – Jun 1999
Health Marketing Specialist, Health Managment
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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Jul 1994 – Jun 1996
Master in Health Administration, Health Managment
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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Jun 1985 – Dec 1990
Dentist, Oral Health Care