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Ahmad Asrar


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Computer Networking
Joined November 23, 2023
šŸš€ Hi, I'm Ahmad Asrar! Passionate about making networks run seamlessly. šŸŒ What I Do: I'm a Junior Network Engineer. My focus? Keeping networks secure and performing their best. šŸ’» Experience: I've tackled it all ā€“ preventive maintenance, installations, and Cisco configurations at my past company. I'm your go-to for resilient and reliable networks. šŸ› ļø More Than Tech: I'm not just about fixing issues. I look ahead, handling server maintenance, software deployment, and staying on top of the latest tech. šŸŒŸ Commitment: I'm all about excellence ā€“ from tackling the unexpected to sticking to schedules. Let's build networks ready for today and tomorrow!