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Ahmad Dawood

Content Writer

Lahore, Pakistan
Studied Computer Science at University of Management and Technology
Writing & Editing
Joined February 3, 2023



As a highly motivated and dedicated student, I am eager to utilize my skills and passion to contribute to the success of a reputable company. I possess a strong technological aptitude, including extensive experience with various social media platforms, office technology programs, and advanced computer skills. With a quick learning capability, I am confident in my ability to navigate and effectively utilize any computer software program or office filing system. My strong problem-solving skills and creativity make me a valuable asset in software development and working with diverse data structures. In addition to my customer service and technology expertise, I bring to the table a unique specialty in content writing. I have a keen eye for detail and a talent for creating engaging, informative and well-written pieces that captivate and educate readers. As a customer-focused individual, I have a proven track record of providing exceptional customer service and maintaining positive relationships with clients. My exceptional communication skills and ability to manage my time effectively make me an excellent candidate in the customer service industry. I am highly committed to delivering quality care and ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction, and I am confident in my ability to make a positive impact as a valuable member of your team.
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Casa Scarpa
Feb 2020 – Nov 2022
Lahore, PK
Content Writer
As a content writer, I have honed my skills over the past 2 years by writing captivating and informative content for a handmade leather shoe company. I was responsible for crafting articles for the company website that highlighted the unique features and benefits of their products. This involved conducting thorough research on leather shoemaking techniques and incorporating that knowledge into the content I wrote. Additionally, I created compelling product descriptions for each shoe style that showcased the unique qualities of the leather and craftsmanship. This helped customers understand the value and care that went into each pair of shoes and encouraged them to make a purchase. I also wrote engaging advertisements for the company, utilizing my copywriting skills to capture the attention of potential customers and drive sales. My ads were designed to educate the public on the benefits of investing in handmade leather shoes, including the durability, comfort, and uniqueness of the products. Throughout my time working with this company, I gained a deep appreciation for the art of shoemaking and the importance of high-quality materials. This experience not only enhanced my writing skills, but also expanded my understanding of the fashion industry and the role that handcrafted products play in it. Overall, my 2 years of writing content for this handmade leather shoe company has been a valuable experience that has sharpened my writing skills, broadened my understanding of the fashion industry, and allowed me to help a company promote and sell their products.
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University of Management and Technology
Apr 2020 – Feb 2023
Bachelors, Computer Science